Sex God

Sex God Blueprint

The band of the so-called Iranian scandal includes protests and legal actions against Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, an actress who has appeared in the soap opera Narges and accused employees, producer appear in an explicit sex film shot for consumption with a camera a serious crime under Iranian law collection. The event served as a catalyst for questions, deep camera producing sexually explicit media, even for private consumption, a crime punishable with death, a Bill in the Iranian Parliament. The band presents graphically the twenty minutes of sex between a man and a woman in a small room with a small bed. The man that his role in the band is a producer, Irani said during a telenovela actress has taken on fame, is the woman on the tape. By the Agency, IRNA news agency in Tehran were named no suspects. The actress has denied that the woman in the film, which is and has accused her ex-boyfriend, a porn movie sex god with himself and released a double career damage. The band was reportedly in 2004, although it came to fame in early 2006. Saw wide distribution on DVD and on the Internet in Iran. Assistant to the producer, said on the tape that he accidentally forgot to remove disk images, if you sold your laptop hard. The band and the publicity surrounding the scandal made in Iran, solid, such as religious fundamentalists of Iran marked a national shame. Ian was stopped and then the scandal broke, the producers were informed of two films that played Eddie, while Iranian authorities of films, was not the ongoing investigation. Starting in 2010, the film was not released. One of them, the journey to the Hidalou has been tested to comply with Islamic law by the Iranian Deputy Culture Minister Javad Shamaqdari, for the film. He said that the film was a good thing, but with the will could not be that his return suggested throwing scenes with a different actress. The film's Director, Mojataba Raei, refused to re-shoot scenes of Eddie. For once, esposito was rumored, to attempt suicide of negative media attention after his interrogation by the police. The worry that something might happen grew worse when she was banned in public speaking by the Iranian authorities. The voice, finally issued a statement to reassure the ILNA Agency: I would like to say that I live only for the people of my country. Must think of Iranian women and defend the respect of the girls and women of my country. . Months and years after the scandal from the very beginning the case become it or a pressure culture on Iran, in the same way in stone. J. Simpson was the murder case in the United States, to talk about a change of attitude towards the authorities of the State in private life and sexuality as a lightning rod. While the Conservative Government reply outrage, many Iranians cold saw scandal and was reluctant to blame the women in the band. Esposito emphatically denies that she's the woman on the tape. In an interview with the guardian in the United Kingdom, says: I saw the movie after I heard these stories from colleagues and the girl is not me. I admit, there are some similarities with the character of Narges represented. You can use the makeup Studio, to have someone like me. I have some knowledge of editing techniques, and I know that deforms a new face, features of another person can create. . Initially fled the man of the gang, Mr. X, who had been sent to the public must be, even accidentally, if the country, settled in Armenia. Iranian researchers have requested, has heard. It has been reported that they have declared that he and the woman in the film temporarily at that time were married. According to the concept of Shiite Islam ', sex during temporary marriage is permitted. However, Mr X was tried and imprisoned. The fate of other prisoners as part of this research, they were not reported in the media, or not, they were eventually acquitted. While Esposito, were banned in the cinema or television, not formal accusations against it is already displayed. Quoted Iranian officials: judicial hanging, I would advise a role in the case. If so, it will be a case of corruption and prostitution. . Some legal experts believe esposito refusal would suffice, had tried to avoid a judgment of State debt. According to Iranian law for movies and videos with additional evidence or a confession. If the actress (or another woman) charged were convicted, the sentence could have been serious. A woman having sex outside of marriage is guilty face a prison sentence of up to 99 lashes with a leather strap. While the West in the 21st century with this kind of news has been flooded, widely recognized Western news sources the prominent Iran previously sex scandal videos. In Iran, claiming there would be above others, but this is the first, which was recognized publicly and the first judicial authority, decided to do something. In June 2007 with an overwhelming majority to support the Iranian Parliament on a draft law would be punished the production and participation in pornographic means a crime with death. To become law, the Bill must still adopted by the Guardian Council of Iran. In the year 2009 which was approved began the new shoots, to report the arrest of suspicion under the laws, then it can be assumed,. .